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  • Integrated kit optimized for implant surgical procedures.
  • The use of core lifter allows simple, safe and fast operation in the maxillary sinus lift.
  • The use of splitter and bone disk allows alveolar bone cutting procedures without difficulty.
  • Easy-to-use bone tack and wide cover cap are designed for the easy and convenient removal during the shield fixing.
  • One kit can cope with all the implant systems.
  • The kit allows procedure without bone graft even if the remaining alveolar bone height (RBH) is 5mm or less in the sinus lift procedure.
  • Based on many years of clinical experience, this product complements the concept of the existing procedures and increases the success rate of implant placement.


Direction for use



  1. Bone tack : Used to fix up or down the absorbent or non-absorbent membrane in the second class or more osteoclastic type.
  2. Bone tack carrier : Device to hold the Bone Tack and used at the same time with the mallet.
  3. Core lifter 1 : Used to form the core in the remaining maxillary sinus floor after initial drilling.
  4. Core lifter 2 : used to bend and lift up the formed core to the inside of the maxillary sinus.
  5. Disc : Used for horizontal bone cutting for the initial entry of the splitter during dentoalveolar osteotomy.
  6. Flame bur 1,2 : Used to grind any exposed thread for peri-implantitis before or after prosthetics.
  7. Hand Driver : Oral application connecting instrument of the bone tack carrier, core lifter and splitter.
  8. Screw Retriever : Used to remove any broken screw inside the implant.
  9. Splitter 1 : Used for the ridge split or expansion in the narrow area after disc application during dentoalveolar osteotomy.
  10. Splitter 2 : Used for the ridge split or expansion in the wide area after disc application during dentoalveolar osteotomy.
  11. Stopper 1 : Used for alveoloplasty approach to the maxillary sinus as a 3mm drilling stopper.
  12. Stopper 2 : Used for alveoloplasty approach to the maxillary sinus as a 4mm drilling stopper.
  13. Wide cover cap : Used to fix the absorbent membrane upward to allow the over-contouring of bone graft material in the middle class GBR.




  • Dr. Jeon’s Surgical Kit is based on Dr. In-sung Jeon’s clinical experience for many years.
  • It is an optimal implant surgical tool with 15 kinds of instruments that even a beginner can easily practice.
  • Reasonable and economical surgical tool free from excessive surgical tool.
  • Kit made from a clinician with rich experience.
  • German tungsten carbide allows delicate and precise surgery.

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