• SRM-80 : Sinus Reamer Ø8.0 SRM-80T : Sinus Reamer Ø6.5 / Ø8.0 SDR-80T : Sinus Diamond Reamer Ø6.5 / Ø8.0 CD-70 : Core DRill Ø7.0 DCR-70 : Diamond Core Reamer Ø7.0 SCL-ST : Stopper set (1.0mm~3.0mm 5ea) CASE-03 : Case (STAINLESS STEEL&COLOR DESING) Related ProductSIMPLE SINUS REAMMER KIT70 SINUS REAMER Ø2.8, Ø3.3, Ø3.8, Ø4.2STOPPER SET(1mm~5mm 5EA)DIAMOND REAMR Ø2.8Tags: ø, sinus, mm, reamer, diamond

        SINUS REAMER Ø2.8, Ø3.3, Ø3.8, Ø4.2 STOPPER SET(1mm~5mm 5EA) DIAMOND REAMR Ø2.8 Related ProductSIMPLE SINUS LATERAL REAMMER KIT70 SRM-80 : Sinus Reamer Ø8.0SRM-80T : Sinus Reamer Ø6.5 / Ø8.0SDR-80T : Sinus Diamond Reamer Ø6.5 / Ø8.0CD-70 : Core DRill Ø7.0DCR-70 : Diamond Core Reamer Ø7.0SCL-ST : Stopper set (1.0mm~3.0mm 5ea)CASE-03 : Case (STAINLESS STEEL&COLOR DESING)Tags: ø, reamer, sinus, diamond, mm

        Direction for use COMPONENT Crest Trimmer Ø6 : Used for trimming and flattening the narrow and thin bone in crest width Bone Planer Ø6, Ø8 SAW : Used for sawing the bone. [Total 6EA] Ø8(22mm), Ø10(32mm), Ø10(22mm), Ø12(32mm), Ø12(22mm), Ø12(32mm)

      • Direction for use COMPONENT Stopper : 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm (Total 5 EA). Sinus Reamer : Ø6.5, Ø8.0, Ø6.5/Ø8.0 (Total 3 EA) Core Drill : Ø7.0 Diamond Reamer : Ø6.5/Ø8.0 Diamond Core Reamer : Ø7.0 Side Drill : Ø3.0 Drill Bone syringe : Ø6.0 Sinus curette : 5 Type HOW TO USE FIRST Install the stopper to Ø6.5 reamer or Ø8.0 reamer, and then carry out reaming while exchanging the stopper. Use Ø6.5/Ø8.0 Reamer for more flattened reaming or hole expansion to the reamed bone in the semi-circular shape. Use the Diamond Reamer Ø6.5/Ø8.0 for safer reaming. In addition, Use the diamond reamer when you need to check whethe or not the drilling has been carried out. Use the Side Drill for trimming around the reamed bone or reaming the hole. Use the reamer for reaming the sinus wall until the sinus membrane is exposed. Use the sinus curette to serrate the sinus membrane thereafter, and then carry out bone graft using the bone syringe or user’s own apparatus. Place the implant when every process is finished. SECOND Install the stopper to core drill Ø7.0, and then, carry out drilling while exchanging the stopper. Use diamond core drill Ø7.0 for safer drilling. In addition, Use the diamond reamer when you need to check whether or not the drilling has […]

        Direction for use COMPONENT Initial Drill : Ø1.6 , Ø2.0 (total 2 EA), Stopper can be installed. Used for the Initial drilling. Stopper : 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 11.5mm (total 4 EA) It plays a role of an Initial Drill Stopper where the Crown Guide is connected. Crown guide : Ø6, Ø7, Ø8, Ø9, Ø10.5, Ø12 (total 6 EA) It provides guide to the centering and directing with intervals at the same time appropriately for the crown size (implanted prosthesis) during the drilling. Crown Guide Pin : It is used for deciding the crown size at the implant placing position before the initial drilling. It guides the implant interval while playing a role of implant drill guide when drilling is carried out after the first drillin is placed during the implant placing. HOW TO USE Put the crown Guide Pin onto the implant placing position using tweezers. Combine an appropriate stopper for the implant depth with the Initial Drill Ø1.6 or Ø2.0. Turn and lock the crown guide appropriate for the size of the determined crown guide pin to the stopper. Carry out the initial drilling after connecting the drill, stopper and guide to the imlanting position.[1000~1200RPM] Carry out the sequence in 1~4 for the continuous implant, put the crown guide pin in line with the crown size onto the gum, and carry out […]

        Related ProductINCISOR & SEPTUM TRIMMER KIT VIDEO89Tags: incisor, septum, trimmer, kit

      • Direction for use COMPONENT Mini tray. Tube holder. Case[Bowl…]. Plastic core [4ea]. Plastic core push. Press board. Lid. HOW TO USE Move the extracted growth factors in the gel type onto the tube holder, using a centrifuge after taking a patient’s blood. Separate only the yellow portion With blades or scissors after taking out the PRF gel in the tube from the Mini Tray. Place the separated yellow portion onto the middle board and make membranes by pressing the press board with appropriate pressure. Submerge the extracted yellow portion into the pastic case, and then add pressure using the press core. Use the generated growth factor core for the bone graft of the maxillary sinus. Mix the extracted liquid wuth the bone and use it during the bone graft.

        기존의 Bone Expansion Set와 다르지 않습니다. 하지만, Dental Studio의 Variety of Tool로써, 더욱 빠르고, 안전한 수술을 약속합니다.

        기존의 타사 제품과는 다릅니다. DENTAL STUDIO의 철학을 담았습니다. Dental Studio만의 새로운 디자인으로, 편리한 시술을 보장합니다.

        Direction for use COMPONENT Recommended in confidence. Premium All-in-One Kit One kit has all the necessary components. Implant & Screw Removal Kit (S) where “Dental Studio” has accumulated the assured empirical technologies Trephine bur : Ø4.5, Ø5.0, Ø5.5, Ø6.0 – Used after installation to the engine handpiece when removing the implant from the mouth. Implant remover : 3EA – Used for removing the implant by connecting to the ratchet, putting in the implant and turning counterclockwise. Implant forceps : Used first for attempting the removal of an implant as the exclusive forceps for the implant removal. Hand / Straumann Adapter : Used for switching the driver for the ratchet to the hand or connection for the use of Straumann ratchet wrench. Driver Hand Adapter : Used for switching the driver for the handpiece to the hand or connection for the use of Straumann ratch wrench. Screw Guide: It aims at protecting the thread in the implant with the fixing to the implant. Type: External 2.4 Hex, External 2.7 Hex, Internal 3.1 Octa, Submerged 2.5 Hex, TSV 3.7 / 4.1, CAMLOG Tube-in-Tube Guide Wrench : Used for fixing the screw guide to the implant. Craw Driver : Used by turning counterclockwise to the broken surface of the abutment screw. Screw Drill : Drilling (1500~2000RPM) counterclockwise through […]